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Caragua Baptist Seminary

              Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ Through the Training of Brazilian Pastors and Lay Leaders

How the Seminary Works

Seminário Batista Caraguá (Caragua Baptist Seminary as it is known in the U.S.A.) is administered by Caragua Baptist Seminary Inc. a not for profit 501(c)(3). We are specifically focused on taking the Seminary experience to underserved Brazilian pastors with much needed formal education, training, and support. The Seminary has recognized U.S. seminary instructors, Brazilian translators and interpreters, and in-country evangelical missionaries focused on providing a quality educational experience.

The Seminary requires enrollment and registration for courses and students pay a registration fee (US$ 25 per course). Students also pay a special discounted fee for required textbooks. Scholarships and/or textbooks are made available when needed. The Seminary currently provides four basic courses common to evangelical seminaries in the U.S. including Systematic Theology (SBC 101), Survey of the Old Testament (102), Survey of the New Testament (103), and Pastoral Ministries (104). The course are offered in sequence. However, there are no course pre-requisites allowing students to start anytime.

Wayne Grudem’s “Systematic Theology” textbook and “The Portable Seminary” edited by David Horton are required textbooks. We have the Portuguese versions printed on-demand in São Paulo at a reduced cost for the students. Courses are held weeknights (7pm to 11pm +) over a one-week period or on weekends as appropriate for the area where the course is being taught. The location and timing is developed to facilitate access by local pastors and church leaders. Students are required to attend courses. They are given a comprehensive study manual to be completed using lecture notes and the textbooks over a two-month period after the lectures. Finally a written exam is administered. Exams are evaluated and graded with 70 percent required for successful course completion. Web based resources at are also provided to allow students to ask questions of the instructor and Frequently Asked Questions and Answers are posted for each course. After completion of all course courses the students earn a certification of completion from the Seminary.    

The Seminary is supported by contributions from individuals and partner churches in the U.S. and along with the student’s registration fees cover the costs of facilities, airfare for qualified U.S. evangelical seminary instructors, bound course outlines and notes, and support materials and resources for students. The Seminary also covers in-country travel and room and board expenses for the U.S. instructors who volunteer their time to the Seminary. Members of the Caragua Baptist Seminary Inc. board, its administrator, and lead instructor receive no pay for their efforts or time. These individuals are called to this ministry and along with the Seminary’s partners and volunteers in the U.S. and Brazil work diligently to ensure that Seminário Batista Caraguá provides an efficient and effective use of God’s resources.